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This page covers just those questions that relate to our FlipUpBill™ hats. For general FAQs please use our main FAQ page.

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  • What are your hats made of?
    • The fabric is a special multi-ply nylon fabric. It's a soft and comfortable fabric, and you'll often see comments from customers saying they forget they're even wearing a hat.

  • What's the difference between SPF and UPF?
    • SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF tells you how much longer it will take for your skin to begin to redden with the product on than if your skin was unprotected.

      UPF stands for Ultraviolet (or UV) Protection Factor. It is the amount of ultraviolet radiation that a fabric blocks, hence UPF values are used for clothing ratings instead of SPF.


      UPF Rating Protection Category % UV Blocked
      UPF 15 - 24 Good 93.3 - 95.9
      UPF 25 - 39 Very Good 96.0 - 97.4
      UPF 40 and up   Excellent 97.5 or more
      UPF50+ Considered the Ultimate in UV Sun Protection

  • Do I still need to wear a hat when it's not sunny?
    • YES - You can get sunburned on cloudy days, as UV radiation can penetrate some clouds, and may even be more intense due to reflection off the bottom of the clouds. So wear your hat and use your sunscreen even on cloudy days.

  • Can I buy your surf hats in stores?
    • Yes, they are available in various shops all over the world. While we do sell directly to shops, we also work through distributors, so we don't have visibility to a lot of places that sell our hats. We are working to get this information from our distributors, so we can put together a listing.

      We are always looking to expand, so if you have a local shop that isn't carrying our stuff (you can check for the Surf Munkey tag or FlipUpBill tag on the inside of our hats), please request them to check us out. We'd love to see our surf hats in every shop we visit.

  • Which stores/shops carry your FlipUpBill™ hats?
    • Unfortunately we don't have visibility to this, because our shops sales are handled primarily through a distribution company. Your best bet is to contact your local shop and ask them if they carry our FlipUpBill™ hats, and if they don't, ask them to - you'll find the shops often require customers to first request a product before the shop will begin carrying the product.

  • Are your hats really "patent-pending"?
    • Yes, they really are. We came up with the solution for keeping the bill out of your face, and figured we'd found something others might also need, so we filed and have been manufacturing our hats ever since.

  • Do you license your patent pending hat idea to other hat manufacturers?
    • If you have such an interest, please feel free to contact us. We do offer a private label or OEM program.

  • I'm a retailer, can I sell your hats in my shop?
    • Absolutely, and with no minimum quantity requirements, we can support even the smallest of shops. Please refer to the reseller page for information.

  • What size are your hats?
    • Our hats use a "one size fits most" design, using the adjustable Velcro tabs in the back. They also use a slightly shallower crown design, in order to keep the bill slightly higher on the forehead, for visibility purposes.

  • I have a really big head, will your hats fit me?
    • Unfortunately the size of your head isn't the determining factor, it's more a factor of the shape of your head and face.

      We've pulled together measurements (around the face - from top of the head down around the chin; and around the head - from the forehead to around the back of the head), from a lot of different customers and friends over the years.

      What we found was the shape of the face and head seem to be the major factor when it comes to fit. Some of the larger headed guys, that had the exact same two measurements (again around the face and around the head) - the hat would fit fine on one guy; too small on the other guy; and on another guy the hat actually seemed a bit large (again, all had the same measurements - crazy!!).

      So, like we said in the beginning, the head size isn't the determining factor. The other factor is to make sure you tuck your ears inside the hat. We have had customers initially report the hat being too small, not realizing their ears actually stop the hat from seating on the head. Once they tucked their ears under the hat, not only did the hat fit well, but they also didn't look so dorky. ;)

  • Tips for use and care of your surf hat
  • I have a ponytail, will I be able to wear your surf hat?
    • Yes. There's an opening in the back, above the size adjustment straps, that will support a ponytail passing through.

  • Is the bill rigid at all or is the whole thing soft and flexible?
    • The bill is not rigid - it's completely flexible. However, it has been constructed in such a way to provide enough firmness to keep its shape when in the normal downward position, and to support a decent level of wind without flopping down in your face.

  • What happened to all the other colors of hats I see in various images?
    • At one point we had up to ten different hat colors or combinations, but year after year, the hat that sold the most was our Rincon (the tan color). None of the other hat colors came anywhere close to the sales of the Rincon, and we couldn't justify having slow moving inventory sitting on the shelves.

      Our goal at this point is to just let the other colors sell out, and then once they're gone, that's it - so we'll end up with just the Rincon as our one hat that we continue to produce and sell.

Last updated: May 04, 2018