Care and Use Tips

Using your FlipUpBill™ Hat

#1 Get it real Snug
The key to using the hat is to make sure it is secure on your head. When you push the bill up to move it out of your way, the front of the hat shouldn't be moving upward. Similarly, when you pull the bill back down for shade, the hat shouldn't be sliding forward. Use the size adjustment straps on the back to make the hat fit tight, and use the chinstraps to really keep the hat solid on your head. Keep adjusting until you find the right fit. We also recommend tucking the tips of your ears under your hat - this will not only allow your hat to seat well, but looks a heck of a lot better too.

If after adjusting, you end up with a long dangling end of the chinstrap and you want to trim it, here are some instructions for cutting the nylon webbing.

#2 Flipping up the Bill
Pushing the bill up to marry the two Velcro surfaces together is a simple motion that can be done with one hand. The initial tendency is to try to fold the entire bill upward, starting too close to where the bill is sewn to the front crown portion of the hat. You'll find you really can slap the bill up from closer to the tip of the bill. Again, doing this motion shouldn't cause the front of the hat to be lifting up - if it is, either you're trying to fold too much of the bill or your chinstraps aren't yet tight enough. 

#3 Pulling the bill outward for Shade
While you can pull the bill down and separate the two Velcro surfaces with one hand, what seems to work even smoother is to use both hands, and instead of pulling down, pull outward. If you pull down, you may find that you keep pulling the bill too low and then need to push it up slightly to get it back to its normal position. Instead, grip the bill with both hands (at about the middle of each eyebrow) and pull outward. Not only will you find the Velcro releases easier, but the bill will end up in a nice position that will not only keep the sun out of your eyes, but keep the bill high enough to be out of your way.

Caring for Your Hat

As with all your other gear, you should rinse out your hat after use in the ocean or a lake. Because the bill is all fabric, it's important for it to be placed back to its normal position so that it will dry and retain its shape. One recommended way to dry your hat (see the picture below) is to use a plastic coat hanger and feed the hook of the hanger through the size adjustment area in the back of the hat so the hat hangs facing downward. Again, make sure to form the bill to its normal shape, then just let it air dry and it'll be ready for your next session. misc/hat_on_hanger