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With its patent pending feature, our hat solves the number one issue of impaired visibility experienced when paddling through waves and getting tossed around in the water, whether it's surfing, kayaking, whatever... No matter what your sport is, if you need to be able to move the bill securely out of the way to gain more visibility, then this is the hat for you, and now it's even better!

  • Our UPF (UV Protection Factor) fabric is rated at 40-50+, blocking over 97% of UVA and UVB rays, while still providing a hat that is quick drying.
  • The chinstraps and side-release buckle will keep the hat securely on your head.
  • Useful for any activity where you need the bill to stay securely out of your way. Choose from an array of available colors.

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  • Flexible bill can be flipped up out of the way and using our patent pending feature, the bill keeps out of your way even when you're paddling out through the waves, or getting churned up kayaking through the rapids
  • Flexible bill allows water to pass over without pushing the hat back
  • Shorter bill expands your visibility while still providing shade
  • Slightly shallower crown further improves visibility by helping the bill ride slightly higher on the forehead



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  • Sturdy adjustable side-release buckle is now easier to open and close, and the cam lever makes adjusting simple while still providing the non-slip feature
  • Chinstraps are triple sewn into the rim of the hat
  • The non-slip buckles keep the hat firmly on your head
  • The flexibility of the bill also helps to keep the hat on your head when you're in the water (whereas rigid bills don't flex so the water tends to push the hat around)



Fast dryingFAST DRYING

  • Made of multi-ply nylon material, so it drys fast
  • Made for use in the water so it won't shrink and will maintain its form



Made in the USAMADE IN USA

  • Each hat is hand-sewn here in the United States
  • The components that make up our hats are primarily of U.S. origin
  • We are continuing to strive for U.S. sources for those remaining components we currently have to import


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