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Bill Kirwin


Great hat! My second purchase. On the paddle outs, with bill up you don't even know you have a hat on.

It fits just over the top of the ears which gives extra sun protection, a good idea. With no hard bill, there is no scraping on the forehead and just big enough to shield the eyes from the Florida sun.

All in all, well thought out.

Andy P.


I finally got to use my FlipUpBill hat this weekend in decent size swell (caribbean).

Hands down the best hat I have ever owned.

It's not over heating your head when the sun is blaring.
Duck diving is worry free because the hat fits so snug on your head with the chin strap and back velcro adjustment.
All of my mates asking me where I got it and would like to order one.

There is no comparing this to other bucket style hats...this is a much better design.

Well done !

Mike C.


The Surf Munkey (FlipUpBill) hat is awesome!

I SUP surfed for 16 days straight in Costa Rica, love the little bill, the fit is great!

I wiped out many times and never lost the cap.

Graeme - Nelson - N.Z.


An excellent product that has already proved itself in solid waves here.

I trimmed up the straps so there was not so much excess and taped up the ends ( there was a surprising amount of excess). Now it is clip and go with no loose bits hanging off annoying you.

The "Flipbill" is great and you soon get used to moving it up and down.

Highly recommended.....

Harry H.


I'm really pleased with the Surf Munkey FlipUpBill.   I live in the tropics (Sth E Asia) with almost non-stop sun,  

I've had skin cancer on my forehead (basil cell carcinoma), so I've become very aware of the need for protecting my face.

FlipUpBill does the job.   It says on in all sorts of wipeouts, and you barely notice it while out on the water.   A very useful product.

Greg C.


Love the hat.   It works great and I like the flip up feature..

Wally L.


Surfed in Puerto Rico on pretty bright day and it really helped cut down on the glare.  The flip up and down was easy to adjust to.  Would definitely recommend to others.  Good design work.

Brent K.


I used the hat in very big surf (9 - 11') during our trip to Nicaragua and the hat worked great.   I now have two in case one was lost in the white water, but that precaution proved unnecessary.   It stayed in place well and the bill flipped up quickly as to not catch water and be pulled away.  Being "follicly challenged", head protection becomes critical, especially in tropical sun.  I've tried two others before finding the Flip-up Bill, and neither lasted the trip before being lost in the impact zone.

A. Kim


I really love flip bill hat for surfing session. it is great product and far better than any other brand that I previously used before. I'm about to order another one for my son soon.



I am an old retired native Floridian long border. I have been out in the sun my entire life and needed some help keeping the sun off my face and out of my eyes. I went through quite a few baseball caps before I finally decided to strap one of your hats on. I still have the original hat but it's pretty much burned to a crisp, as I would have been had I not been wearing it.

This is the only hat I have found that absolutely works. The flip up Bill allows me to see when I'm paddling out and the strap keeps it on my head in the white water when I get caught in the impact zone

Pedro Puga


Before trying the FlipUpBill I tried another hat from a different company, and I can say that the FlipUpBill is so much better.
I just love it. I forget I´m using it because it's very comfortable.
Excellent for sun protection of my skin and for protecting my eyes.

The design is excellent and functions perfectly!!!  Excellent product.

Adam D. (Queensland Australia)


Coming from a place with truly BRUTAL sun (Queensland Australia) I needed extreme sun protection. Now Ox has some great surf hats over here, but none fit the bill of either having full neck and face protection, secure to your head (for unscheduled swims) or are well made. So I took the plunge on your FlipupBill and bought both hat and frill (neck shade).

I wasn't sure about the frill (neck shade) at first with just this light piece of cloth hanging on my head under the cap. But the ability to mix and match provides options for the day (full hat and frill on the water or just hat under my surf helmet ). The frill is locked down under the chin strap and your head so it won't float off when I go for any unscheduled swims, and the ability to get the bill out of the way when full vision is needed is excellent.

It's light and very easy to wash with the rest of my gear. My only concern now is that the fabric is so light and airy will it last?? time will tell, but with several sessions under the hat so far, there's not a loose thread or stitch out of place.   I'm impressed.

Kathy (Dermatologist)


I love the Surf Munkey hat and have bought them for all of my friends!

As a Dermatologist who loves to surf, I need to keep covered up as much as I can. It looks bad when I am counseling patients to stay out of the sun if I look baked myself!

So, before I paddle out, I coat my face with Zinka and wear my Surf Munkey hat. I have been able to surf in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, etc... and then return to work without looking like I've been somewhere tropical and spent hours in the water. The downside is the side of the face that doesn't get much coverage. I have tried the safari style, but it is bothersome to have the fabric attached to the hat.



Great hat to keep the heat of the South Carolina summer sun off your head.  Used it in the Maldives as well and it performed exceptionally!
FlipUpBill is great!  Also use this to paddle-board!

Justin H.


The FlipUpBill hat is a great product for all water sports.   It protects my eyes and nose from the sun - no more sunscreen in the eyes!



I really appreciated your hat on my recent trip to Salina Cruz, Oaxaca.
As I’m sure you know it was REALLY hot in SC. The sun is just brutal down there.

The FLipUpBill hat saved me...(by the way I like the material of the bill as it is soft or even shapeable)



Overall performance of this hat is excellent.
I love the simplicity of the design and how effective it is.



Excellent overall performance of this hat.
Love the hat used it all last winter in Mexico.

Just bought a second one for this season in case I lose one.



Very good product and has performed well thus far in terms of both shading my head/face and duck-diving under waves.
I would definitely recommend this hat to others.

Thomas J.


Thank you for this fantastic product.

I have just returned from a 5 week trip to Nicaragua where I wore the hat every day surfing heavy beach break. After adjusting the back and chin strap snugly per the instructions, the hat stayed positively in place and didn't move at all much less come off even when duck diving or going over the falls in good size waves.

It has another great added benefit for me as well- I wear Kurtis (Kaiser Bowls Model) Surf Goggles which used to sometimes come off my face. Now with the hat on they are absolutely secured to my face, in fact, the two seem like they are made for each other they fit together so seamlessly. I have had some basal cell skin cancers removed so I have to be very careful, but with the hat, surf goggles, face stick, and long sleeve rash guard I can surf care-free in the mid day tropical sun.

Thank you for making a well designed product that allows me to surf comfortably and safely,
Thomas J.

Mike D. (Florida)


Overall performance of this hat versus expectations - Excellent.
Overall all good hat. Really like it for hand planing.

John K


It's really light weight and barely feels like you have it on.   The flip up bill is awesome, it's gives you the best of both worlds, sun protection and usability. I like how your hearing is not impaired as well. It's a great hat and a great gift from a bro surfer.

Lachlan (Australia)


I bought the FlipUpBill for a surf trip to Indonesia. My previous surf hats either choked my neck when duck diving or blocked my vision while I was surfing. This hat solved both of these issues. Great Product!

Michael H.


Very comfortable and does not interfere with any aspect of my surfing.   I do not have to think about it once I have it on.

Larry D.


We live in HI and traditionally didn't wear our other hats on big days due to them being knocked off with a big bill and other issues. With the FlipUpBill - not a problem. Just duck and paddle and then flip the bill back down.

They are great for early morning paddle outs with the sun in the eye, no intrusive ear coverings. And if the sun's not out, flip the bill back up again. Overall we've both been very happy.

Tim D.


Great hat. Used it at Playa Grande today in Costa Rica. Didn't come off once. Very comfortable!!

Michael D.


My girlfriend & I both have the cap.  Tremendous product.



Highly recommended.

Used it on a recent surfing trip to Panama.   Great hat, kept the sun off my (balding) head and eyes.
Easy to flip up and down when needed and stays on even when taking a pounding.

James S.


I've been dreaming of a solution that would allow me to surf in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak here in Costa Rica, without requiring gobs of sun screen or potential cancer risks. A hat seemed like an easy solution, but getting one to stay on while tumbling around in bigger waves, that's the challenge.

I've been very pleased with the Surf Munkey, the flip up visor is brilliant.   And a few wipe outs later, I still have a great hat that gets the job done :)

Robin Ryan


Love the hat - it stays put and protects you from the sun. Very functional, practical and stylish :) love the pink color!!

Antonio (NC)


Ok, so i have gotten older and have less hair- hard to log in long surf sessions under a tough sun. After looking for "protection" i stumbled on the FlipUpBill hat on the internet.

The hat is light, well made and the flip up bill makes paddling while being protected super easy. My fellow "groms" say it is a fashion statement.

The fact that it is made for surfers by surfers makes it extra special.

Rob (California)


The FlipUpBill hat is a great product. Most importantly for me is the UV protection and the fact that this hat really stays on!

All the other hats I've seen have these giant bills and the hat flies off the minute you hit any water coming at you -- wave or whitewater.

The Surf Munkey hat doesn't even slide around--it stays put! Admittedly I have it pretty locked down on my head but it's very comfortable. It's lightweight and easy to wash out. I love it and highly recommend it.

Lindsey (Ocean Springs, MS)


I love my FlipUpBill hat! I am a stand-up paddle boarder and use it regularly while I'm on a board. I even tested it out in a swimming pool and it didn't budge at all even when I jumped into the water. I am thoroughly pleased with your product!

Adam (New York)


I recently purchased a hat from Surf Munkey after having a similar style surf cap from a major surf brand. The previous cap started to fall apart after the second day I wore it surfing. Immediately upon receiving the my Surf Munkey hat I knew it was a better design and build quality.

I just finished a week surfing in the Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica. I wore the hat everyday when in the water and it hasn't shown any wear and tear. It's great protection from the sun but for me it's amazing to not have to constantly squint. I am pretty sure I will be purchasing one for my wife in the near future as well.

Rob (Portugal)


The hat is great, tried it from ankle high to overhead waves, and it stays on my head, never lost it anywhere/anytime e.g. during duck dive or wipe out, bill flips up and everything is fine.

Sun protection works perfect, bill provides good shade for the eyes, better vision during lookout for waves with less sun glare. The price is really ok if you consider: savings on expensive sun protection lotion, think about the advantages you get and that someone put effort into making this product, which should be rewarded.

Big plus: the order arrived after just a few days from US to Portugal, thumbs up for this great service.

Livadoc (New York)


Worked perfectly, blocked the sun, did not obstruct my paddling or wave selection, prevented a scorching sunburn and saved my eyes!!!

Elaine (Switzerland)


What do I like most about the hat? Everything, especially the fact that due to its flexibility the bill goes up and gets attached to the hat by itself, as I duck. I just need to remember to put it back down once I am through the waves.

Kevin B. - water skier (CA)


The hat worked great, no buffeting on my head, and worked with the bill in the up or down position. I even took a head first crash and came up with the hat still on my head.

Don Skelton (from O'side)


Wore my Surf Munkey hat out for the the first time yesterday afternoon. Protected my face from the evening sun and glare, and able to secure the bill in the up position while paddling out and taking off on the waves. Taking this one to Mex. in April! A great hat!

Corky (Long Beach/Puerto Rico)


This is the best designed surf hat, cap, sun protector, dew rag, etc. I have ever used.

I have an impressive collection of these things gathering dust over the last 15 years, by major, and minor surf manufactures, and have never used the same one twice.

This product addresses most of what we surfers want. This baby has, superior protection, is light, comfortable, durable, and with a flip top lid. Finally, a strap and visor that is designed the right way for duck diving, it's just so practical, and it's not goofy looking!!!

Buy it now and thank me later, it's a no brainer.
Bravo Surf Munkey
- Cork

Skip Savage East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame


Dermatoligist said get a hat and wear it! Of course I've worn some during my 48 years of surfing, but none like this one. It's got everything you need down to the point of forgetting you have it on!

Thanks for a product that actually works.
Surf Munkey = Lucky me.

Michael A. (Carmel Valley, CA)


Quality construction, good adjustable fit, stays on during a pounding, velcro on cap bill works great for keeping the bill out of sight lines. Personally I like a little longer bill on the cap but this one works too.
Great color selection, I chose white for the tropics.
Maybe adding a loop on the cap to attach a leash to a rash guard, just in case.

Jeffrey C. (Carmel, CA)


The hat worked great! The bill flipped up without any effort and stayed up even under the water in turbulent times. The fit was snug and tight, and it worked great.

I'd like to see a model with some ear covers.

Kurt (CA)


Just returned from surfing 4-6 ft. Mexico for week. My Surf Munkey surf hat didn't budge a millimeter the entire time.

I've tried many other surf hats in the past, and they have all either washed away or fallen around my neck after every duck dive. A sunburned scalp is a ruined trip as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for doing what the other companies couldn't.   Oh, and the flip-up bill is ingenious.

Sean B. (Long Beach)


Hey man I love the hat. I use it every time I go out, great design when I duck dive the bill of hat naturally goes up on the velcro. This is great product!



The flip up bill....sometimes you just want an unobstructed view...

Tony R. (Australia)


Chin strap makes it very comfortable and the flexi-bill is a good idea.



Stays on well, have only had a cpl surfs in it as there been a drought in swell but overall its stood up to the test

Mika (Japan)


What I like most... it's ALL good.   It's super comfortable and fits my petite head. I've never found a hat that fits better. It has never come off in even the most crushing surf, and I love the flip-bill design. The price is more than reasonable as well.

Great products and great service. You guys rule. I wish you great success!

Malin (Japan)


The sizing is great! I find it really difficult to find hats that are shallow enough to fit comfortably on my head without crushing my ears or looking ridiculous. The price would be my second choice for an excellent feature - before Surf Munkey I hadn't seen a hat below about $60 US.

The hat is comfortable and the flexible bill is a must. I like that it is quick drying as well. I love my Surf Munkey hat. Before surf munkey came into my life I was adrift in the ocean squinting blindly into the sun, often missing my chance to get a good wave. Now, I can see! It's amazing how much glare the hat cuts out. It drys quickly, it is comfortable and easy to wear, and it is light and easily transportable. Surf Munkey rules supreme in Japan!



That hat is comfortable and protects my scalp from the sun when I'm in the water for so long.  I barely notice it's even on my head.

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