News 2012

See you at the Surf Expo...

Dec 30, 2012

Surf Munkey will once again be heading out to Orlando (Jan 9th-12th) for the Surf Expo. We'll be cruising around the show floor and hanging out at various booths spreading the word on our unique performance hats. If you happen to be at the show and spot us (we'll be the ones in a "Surf Munkey" shirt), come up and say "hello", we'd love to meet you.

Surf Expo 2012

Bye bye to FREE GLOBAL shipping...hello $3.50 or less...

Aug 02, 2012

Well we knew it had to come to an end, and as we posted a month ago, the FREE global shipping on our surf hats has ended.

The good news is shipping on our surf hats is still FREE to U.S. destinations AND it's only $3.50 or less for shipping anywhere outside the U.S.

No more FREE global shipping

Think Pink!! Check out our latest hot pink hats...

Jul 23, 2012

We've been trying to manufacture these for longer than we care to say, and we won't go into all the challenges here, but we are very happy to present our first hot pink surf hats.

  • the Zivcatela - is a clean all hot pink hat
  • the Uluwatu - hot pink front panels with black on the sides and back

These two new models are the result of not only our online survey, but also our customer requests even prior to us having the survey.. So get 'em while they're hot, and check out the entire catalog.

Our New Hot Pink Hats

FREE global shipping on our hats is extended another month...

Jul 04, 2012

Okay okay...we understand how nice it is to have FREE global shipping on our surf hats, and while we really are going to have to dial this back for our international orders, we have heard how much our customers appreciate this. So to that end, we have extended FREE global shipping for one more month, and we're now looking at ending this for international sales only at the end of July. After July, we expect to still charge a very low shipping fee (we're thinking around $3) for an international shipment of our surf hat - which is still below the actual shipping cost. So if you're outside the U.S. and want to save yourself a couple bucks on shipping, then order your hat before July 31st. Thank you goes out to all of you who made it very well known how much you have appreciated our FREE global shipping, and we hope that extending this yet another month will help

FREE Global Shipping to End

The new arrivals are here...

May 28, 2012

We just received our delivery of hats, so get them while they're still warm fresh out of the oven. Not only do we have all the old favorites now in stock, but we have two new models:

  • the Hanalei - a clean all white hat
  • the Waimea - stone/khaki front panels with black on the sides and back

    • These two new models are the result of our online survey, so get 'em while they're hot, and check out the entire catalog.

      New hat models

New hats arriving soon...

May 02, 2012

Due to the popularity of our surf hats, we were a little overwhelmed with orders and quickly sold out of several of the popular colors. We've got our factory cranking up and should have a whole new batch of hats by the end of this month, and that includes the addition of a couple new colors. So check out the catalog page to see what's coming

New Hats Arriving Soon

Just in time for warmer weather...the new hoodie shipment

Apr 10, 2012

We just received our new shipment of the ladies lightweight hoodies, which feature our unique design on the back. We're not sure if these are so popular because of our design, or because they're such a cool and stylish lightweight hoodie. Whatever the reason, don't wait to get yours or you may find you've missed out. As with the majority of items in our Munkey Shop, we stock very small quantities to keep things moving, and these hoodies are no exception.

New Hoodie shipment is in!

Welcoming Ski World Orlando

Apr 04, 2012

We'd like to welcome Ski World Orlando, the latest retailer to join the growing family of shops carrying our Ultimate Surf Hats. If you're in the Orlando area, stop by the shop and check them out, and pick up one of our surf hats.

Ski World Orlando

Help us select hat colors for our catalog...

Mar 29, 2012

It's that time again where we're looking at our catalog and trying to figure out what colors to include. Please help us out by providing your input via our online survey, and let us know your top three choices

Pick a color combo

Bye bye...original model surf hats now retired

Mar 26, 2012

Over the weekend we sold the last of our original model surf hats, and as we've been saying, this model will now be retired and will no longer be available. Our new UPF-rated Ultimate Surf Hats, released early last year, will be our product going forward.

While our UPF-rated Ultimate Surf Hats provide all the advantages of our original model (like the patent pending design of getting the bill out of your face), they also provide several improvements over our original model, namely:

  • UPF 40-50+ fabric - this fabric blocks over 97% of UVA and UVB rays, and is milled right here in the USA.
  • slightly larger size - the crown depth was increased just slightly, which allows the hat come down just over the tops of the ears more easily, while still keep the bill riding slightly higher on the forehead for better visibility.
  • upgraded buckle - we use a locking cam side release buckle to provide a non-slip chinstrap, while making is easier to adjust and to put on and take off the hat.
  • broad availability of colors - lots to choose from, and we're looking at adding even more (check the website to see our current catalog).
  • slightly stiffer bill - we added one more layer of material inside the bill to provide just a tad more stiffness, while still keeping it flexible and easy to flip up out of the face.

Original models - sold out

Passing along some great savings on some shirts

Mar 23, 2012

We received a package of shirts from our friends over at the Surf Shirt Club, at a bargain price, so we're passing along the savings to you. You can receive one of these shirts for under $10, and that even includes your FREE shipping (in the U.S.).

We don't have many of these shirts, and at this price, they'll go fast, so don't hesitate.

Surf Shirt Club

Our global map is filling in...

Mar 10, 2012

Just wanted to point out to folks that our global map is filling in - this shows where are hats are selling. PLUS, we've added a magnifier to the mouseover, so you can read some of the smaller print and locations, that previously were challenging to see.

World locations

We have more hoodies on order...

(date here)

Some of you have contacted us regarding getting more of the popular ladies hoodies in, especially as we start getting closer to warmer weather (we are going to see warmer weather here in the states again aren't we?).

Not to worry - we will be getting another shipment in, though it won't be until the end of March or early April, so hang in there. We'll send out an announcement when they arrive.

Our special hoodies

Welcoming the Island Native Surf House

Feb 19, 2012

We'd like to welcome the Island Native Surf House (out in South Padre Island, Texas) to the growing global family of shops carrying our Ultimate Surf Hats. If you happen to be out that way, stop by and check out the Island Native Surf House, and pick up one of our hats.

Island Native Surf House

Back from the sold out Surf Expo!!

Jan 15, 2012

Back from the Surf Expo - tired and groggy, but glad for the opportunity to attend and meet lots of folks, see all sorts of new products, and to share and spread the word on Surf Munkey and our functional and unique surf hats. The show was sold out so there were lots of shops, vendors, suppliers, and distributors to meet this year.

Surf Expo 2012

Surf Expo 2012!!!

Jan 09,2012

We're heading out to the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to meeting you and making some new connections for 2012!

Orlando Surf Expo 2012

Our original model Ultimate Surf Hat - Sunset Sale!!!

Jan 01, 2012

Start the new year with a great deal on our original model Ultimate Surf Hat - now just $22.00, and yes SHIPPING IS STILL FREE for all destinations.

We don't have too many of these remaining, and we are "sunsetting" this model, so once these remaining hats are gone, that's it for this version of our hat.

Sunset sale original hats