Back in Stock - our Rincon FlipUpBill Hat

Jul 30, 2016

This morning we picked up our long-awaited order for more of our Rincon model FlipUpBill hat (the tan one). Thank you for your patience while we were out of stock earlier this month.

We will be filling all backorders today, and already have our inventory shelves stocked up and ready for any new orders, so bring 'em on!.

Rincon back in stock

Selling Like Hotcakes - the Rincon FlipUpBill Hat

Jul 05, 2016

Our Rincon model FlipUpBill hat (the tan one) continues it's selling spree. We've placed a new manufacturing order, but based on what we're seeing, it looks like we may run out before we receive our new inventory. So don't delay if this is the hat you're interested in. We should see our new shipment in July.

Rincon selling like hotcakes

Price Increase Ahead on Our FlipUpBill Hats

Jun 09, 2016

Due to increases in our manufacturing and resource costs, the prices on our top-rated FlipUpBill hats will be increasing beginning July of 2016. While this isn't something we ever like to do, please be aware we have offset the bulk of cost increases elsewhere within the business where we can, without touching the quality of our product, and the resulting adjustment to pricing will be minor, but necessary.

Prices are Increasing

Florida Locations Dramatically Expanded for our Wet Plugz Surf Earplugs

Mar 10, 2016

We'd like to welcome the ENT Associates of Southern Florida to our growing list of preferred providers for our patent-pending earplugs.   With the ENT Associates group of 23 locations, adding to our existing locations offering custom Wet Plugz earplugs to their patients, Florida now has an abundance of convenient locations for you to visit.   Read the press release

Order yourself a pair today, and protect yourself from exostosis (aka Surfer's Ear) without putting a damper on your sport activity.

More locations in Florida

Aloooooha! Wet Plugz Available on the Hawaiian Islands

Dec 12, 2015

Our network of preferred providers for Wet Plugz (our surf earplugs that let you hear) now includes coverage on all the major Hawaiian islands. With Island Audiology now offering Wet Plugz earplugs to their watersports clients, you can order a pair whether you're on Hawaii (the Big Island), Maui, Kaui, or Oahu.

Island Audiology locations

Mobile-friendly Website Launched for FlipUpBill product...

Nov 22, 2015

Just a quick announcement to let you know we've now launched our FlipUpBill website (we mentioned in the last bulletin we were working on this). Please check it out on your mobile devices and let us know if you see anything funky. We're checked it out here on various devices, and it definitely is a much nicer way to check out our website on mobile than our older site.

FlipUpBill site now mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly Website Launched for Wet Plugz product...

Nov 15, 2015

Today we finally launched our mobile-friendly website for our surf earplugs product - yeah! It's been something we know we've needed to do, but have just had too much on our plate. Very glad to have this up and running, and we hope you are too. We're still working on doing the same for - there's just a lot more history to migrate over.

Wet Plugz site now mobile-friendly

New Earplug Production Lab...

Oct 15, 2015

We are very excited to announce we have teamed up with a world-class leader in producing earplugs, for expanded production of our Wet Plugz custom surf and watersports earplugs.

This move brings many exciting changes and options for our customers.

This will allow easier access to our earplugs through the medical community - your audiologist and/or ENT who you've always trusted with your hearing care.

For our customers, we can now offer Wet Plugz in an extensive array of colors, including the ability to combine two, or up to three, colors in a swirl design for a unique custom earplug to make your plugs truly unique from any other earplugs out there. Check out our fun online tool to try mixing and matching different colors.

We now have an expanded set of options available to you:

  • An extensive array of colors to choose from fro your earplugs, including the option to mix multiple colors in a swirl type of look.
  • Finish options - gloss or matte finish.
  • Laser engraved initials - add initials for your name, or to help identify the "L" left vs. the "R" right earplug.
  • Anti-Microbial coating - a chemically-bonded coating for silicone, proven to be effective against bacteria, germs, and other pathogens.
  • Leash cord (we've always had this as an option).

Please feel free to let your local audiologist or ENT know about our plugs, or ask if they're a Wet Plugz earplug provider. If not, they can contact us via our website.

New earplug production lab

Where Did 2015 Go?

Sep 16, 2015

Looking back at our news postings, it may appear as if we stopped all activity after the end of last year. On the contrary, we've been way too busy, focusing on our surf earplug product side of the house. It's been quite an up and down ride as we worked toward releasing a universal version of our Wet Plugz surf and watersports earplugs. We actually produced and "soft launched" a universal earplug, but unfortunately we've found too much inconsistencies in the user experience with the plugs. Many folks loved them, yet there were others that, well....not so much, and that's not how we roll. We want rock solid products that provide consistent praise from our customers (like our FlipUpBill hats), so at this point we've shelved the universal plugs and are back doing some re-design work.

Where did 2015 go?

Universal Earplugs...NOT Available Now

Sep 16, 2015

We actually produced and "soft launched" a universal earplug back in July, but unfortunately we've found too much inconsistencies in the user experience with the plugs. Many folks loved them, yet there were others that, well....not so much, and that's just not how we roll. We want rock solid products that provide consistent praise from our customers (like our FlipUpBill hats). At this point we've shelved the universal plugs and are back doing some re-design work to see if we can figure this beast out, so check back for further updates. Just FYI, we've also been busy working with our Custom Wet Plugz department, and hope to have some changes to announce shortly.

Rewind that...

Universal Earplugs...Available Now

Jul 06, 2015

We said they were coming soon....but we forgot to specify "soon" could mean up to a year. Kidding aside, it has been quite an effort to come up with these new earplugs, which have gone through many many many re-designs to get to this point. However, the struggle and delays have been worth it, for the earplugs we have finally released are so much cleaner in design, and support the widest audience possible (via our removable eartips design), well beyond our initial expectations.

So pick up a pair today, during our soft launch of this product, and send us your feedback to let us know your thoughts about the product

Universal surf earplugs now available!

Eureka - Universal Earplugs on the Way!

May 05, 2015

We're very excited to report some major progress, which will now bring our desire for a universal surf and water sports earplug to the masses.

We had a truly dramatic "eureka" moment last week, which has transformed our design to its simplest (and completely manufacturable) form. It really was one of those "hair raising on the arms" kind of realizations/experiences.

We quickly procured some prototypes to verify the design, and are now under way towards production of these. We expect these to be ready to go by August of this year. That may seem like a ways away, but there are a lot of pieces to get in place by then. We're very excited by this and hope you are too - it's been quite ride.


So Where Are the Universal Plugs Already?

Feb 05, 2015

As with any new product being developed, there are lots of things to consider, and lots of bumps in the road. The challenges we're facing involve translating our technology into not only a universal type of earplug product, BUT it also has to be manufacturable (or at least manufacturable without costing a ridiculous amount).

Back in August of last year, we made some significant breakthroughs and have a design that is universal (meaning it will fit a wide audience), but it is still not simple enough to manufacture. We're not done here, so please continue to hold tight while we continue to hone our design.

Where are the universal earplugs?