Display for 8.5" x 11" brochure page

Information display 8.5" x 11"

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Better informed customers buy more of our hats, so help your shop sell more, and help your customers quickly understand what makes our hats different and functionally unique.

These are heavy acrylic at approx. 2.8mm thick and weigh just over one pound (these are not the thin standard acrylic you may be used to, which is closer to 1.6mm thick). These provide a double-sided view of our brochures.

We are charging $15.00 for these, but our resellers can one for FREE when placing an order of 25 hats or more.

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Please feel free to print out our brochure and/or the review (from Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine) to post in your shop, even if you don't have one of our displays. Informed customers tend to pick up our hats when they understand the features.