3-hat counter display

Three-hat Countertop Display Rack

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Compact and lightweight, this display rack fits on any counter without taking up much space at all, while nicely showing off three of our hats.
Made of acrylic and PVC sheet, it's sturdy yet light in weight (weighing less than a pound). Disassembles flat for shipping, while also being simple to put together. To assemble, simply slide the tab on the bottom of each post into a slot on the base and you're ready to go. The platform on top each specially designed post keeps the hat stable.

Standard price on these is $42.50, but you can request one of these for your shop for just $20 (that's over 52% off!) when you place an order of 25 or more of our hats. Or receive 20% off the price when you place an order of 15 or more hats (please request this at time or your order).

  • Design: custom made; limited quantities; FlipUpBill flipped up front
  • Weight: just under 1 lb
  • Footprint: the base is 13" in diameter at its widest point
  • Height: The tallest hat post is just 16" tall
  • Material: posts are made of acrylic, and the base and platforms on top of each post are made of PVC board