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  • FlipUpBill™ hats
  • General
    • What's the difference between SPF and UPF?
      • SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF tells you how much longer it will take for your skin to begin to redden with the product on than if your skin was unprotected.

        UPF stands for Ultraviolet (or UV) Protection Factor. It is the amount of ultraviolet radiation that a fabric blocks, hence UPF values are used for clothing ratings instead of SPF.


        UPF Rating Protection Category % UV Blocked
        UPF 15 - 24 Good 93.3 - 95.9
        UPF 25 - 39 Very Good 96.0 - 97.4
        UPF 40 and up   Excellent 97.5 or more
        UPF50+ Considered the Ultimate in UV Sun Protection

    • Where is Surf Munkey located?
      • We're based out of San Diego California. We sell our products direct through our online shop, but we expect to be expanding to more and more shops as we continue to grow. If you have a favorite shop you'd like to see carry our stuff, tell them to check us out.

    • Why is "munkey" mis-spelled with a "U"?
      • To go along with the U in the word 'surf' - it seemed to be a bit different and fun.

    • Can I get notified when you have new products or designs available?
      • Just contact us let us know you'd like to receive an email when we get new stuff in. It's also this easy to get off the notification list too, so don't worry about being stuck on some list forever.

    • Is Facebook the only place I can find out about your new releases?
      • No. You can also tap into Twitter, or if you'd like to receive an email, just contact us let us know you'd like to receive an email when we get new stuff in. It's also this easy to get off the notification list too, so don't worry about being stuck on some list forever.

    • Can I buy FlipUpBill™ hats in stores?
      • Yes, they are available in various shops all over the world. We are always looking to expand, so if you have a local shop that isn't carrying our stuff (you can check for the Surf Munkey™ tag or FlipUpBill™ tag on the inside of our hats), please request them to check us out. We'd love to see our hats in every shop we visit.

    • Which stores/shops carry your FlipUpBill™ hats?
      • Unfortunately we don't have visibility to this, because our shops sales are handled primarily through a distribution company. Your best bet is to contact your local shop and ask them if they carry our FlipUpBill™ hats, and if they don't, ask them to - you'll find the shops often require customers to first request a product before the shop will begin carrying the product.

  • Purchases/Shipping
    • Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase online?
      • No, not at all. Sometimes folks get a little confused, as all credit card processing is done through PayPal, and the checkout pages are very PayPal oriented, but simply click the "Don't have a PayPal account" link and you can pay with your credit card just like you'd expect. We've provided an image below, since the link you want to click can be hard to find.

    • When I pay by eCheck, why does that delay my shipment 3-4 days?
      • Payments made using the eCheck method through PayPal, are delayed several days because PayPal requires the payment to clear before they will authorize us to ship the product. We are therefore not allowed to ship out any products until they are authorized. The option for us to generate our shipping label is even blocked, so we're unable even override this waiting period.

        Therefore, if you need your product quickly, we recommend you use one of the instant payment options (that means, using your credit card; using a balance amount in a PayPal account; or using PayPal's new "Bill Me Later" option). All of these 'instant payment' options will get your purchase sent out using our standard shipping schedule without any delays.

    • What is your standard shipping method and schedule (i.e. how quickly do you ship out my purchase?)?
      • Our standard shipping schedule is for any purchases completed before 12:00 noon (PST), to be shipped out within the next 1-2 business days. Please take into account holidays and weekends when making your purchase and planning for your delivery.

        Our standard shipping method (including our FREE domestic shipping) is via First Class U.S. Postal Service.

    • What is your return policy?
      • If you purchased your item through our print-on-demand designs shop, then please see Zazzle's return policy, as these items are owned, stocked, and shipped by Zazzle (that's also who you made your payment to).

        For items purchased directly from Surf Munkey (i.e. through this website) please refer to our Returns Policy page.

    • Do you ship internationally?
      • Yes (except to member states of the European Union) we ship internationally for consumer purchases, as long as the destination is supported by USPS.

    • What if I don't see my country in the dropdown list for shipping?
      • You're likely in a member state of the European Union, and due to GDPR we no longer are able to support selling/shipping to those countries. :(

    • How long do international shipments take to arrive?
      • Obviously it varies by location, but in general what we see is that shipments take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. We do, however, sometimes see an additional 1 to 2 week delay, so keep that in mind. This doesn't happen very often (like 1 package out of 100), but the mail delivery outside the U.S. can be a bit sluggish, so if your package doesn't arrive within the 3-4 week window, please give it a couple more weeks before contacting us.

    • Who pays for return shipping?
      • Surf Munkey will either credit the user's account or provide a prepaid return shipping label in cases where items have arrived in damaged condition or are confirmed by a Surf Munkey representative to be defective. For all other cases, return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

    • Who pays for shipping if my item is not deliverable?
      • If the issue was due to Surf Munkey incorrectly shipping the package or preparing the shipping label, we will either refund the full amount to the customer (including any shipping that was paid by the customer), or we will re-ship the package to the customer at our expense.

        In situations where the customer has entered an incorrect address, and the shipment ends up being returned to us, the customer will be required to pay for the shipment to be re-sent. If the customer instead requests a refund, the actual cost of shipping may be deducted from the amount refunded.

  • Accessories
    • Instructions for applying a window cling...
      • First, use scissors to round off the corners of your cling to remove any sharp points - this will help your cling last longer and help prevent it from coming off when, for example, you wash your car.
        1. Clean the surface before applying
        2. Once the surface is cleaned, spray a liberal amount of water or water-based glass cleaner.
        3. Peel the cling from backing, position it and apply the sticky side to the surface.
        4. Starting from the center, use a smooth edge (such as a credit card) and work your way towards the edges to remove water and/or excess air from between the cling and the surface.
        5. Lightly dab the area - making sure not so disturb the cling.
        Now just let it dry.

    • Instructions for applying an iron-on patch...
      • Set the iron on the "cotton" setting.
        1. Position the patch where you want it.
        2. Place the iron directly on the patch (i.e. don't put a towel or something in between the iron and the patch).
        3. Hold the iron in place without moving it for about 8 seconds.
        4. After 8 seconds, begin gently moving the iron around, so as not to move the patch, and put pressure to make sure the edges get stitched in. Do this for about a minute.
        5. Lift off the iron and inspect the edges of your patch (just look - don't touch, this will be very hot!) to make sure they're stitched to the fabric
        Now just let it cool.


Last updated: Jan 01, 2019