"I've worn some (hats) during my 48 years of surfing, but none like this one.   It's got everything you need down to the point of forgetting you have it on!   Thanks for a product that actually works." - Skip Savage (East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame)

"STOP LOOKING,YOU'VE FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!   This is the best designed surf hat, cap, sun protector, dew rag, etc. I have ever used." - Corky (Long Beach/Puerto Rico)

"...the Surf Munkey hat is a great way to stay safe under the sun and enhance your surf experience..."
- Daily Stoke Magazine

"We give it two thumbs up!" - Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine

"Thanks for doing what the other companies couldn't.   Oh, and the flip-up bill is ingenious!" - Kurt (California)

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